Recruiters – Stop Wasting Our Time and Post Salary Ranges

One of my biggest pet peeves in the job search are ridiculous job postings. To me, most are a waste of time and I see too many that have been out there for months. This indicates that companies don’t plan on ever filling these positions. Why post the jobs if you have no intention of filling it? Stop wasting our time!

My second biggest pet peeve is that recruiters don’t post salary ranges. Again, a waste of time and resources for both the job seeker and the recruiter. When we look at job postings we assume the pay is commensurate with the responsibilities. However, in this chaotic, disorganized job market, that is not the case.

The other day a well-meaning friend sent me a job positing. It was for a coordinator position, nothing major. But when I looked at the actual posting I had to start laughing! They wanted someone at an ‘entry level’ (their wording, not mine) to design and implement a quality assurance system for a spin off of a major pharmaceutical company. It was actually the responsibilities of a vice president or director, at the very least, a manager. They ‘preferred’ a master’s degree for this job that apparently pays in the mid to high 30s. Seriously? Are they smoking crack over there instead of using their brains? What person with the experience and advanced degrees is going to work for that? If they find someone, I’m sure the candidate is pretty inept.

Why did I even bother to call to find out what it paid? I was curious as to how delusional this company is. Who’d want to even work at a place who puts so much pressure on the bottom feeders qualifying for state medicaid when the executives got multi-million dollar bonuses last year? Not anyone. Put the crack pipe down recruiters!

Posting the salary ranges for job seekers will save wasted effort for everyone. You’re not fooling anyone by posting a director position description for an entry level job. If you’re cheapskates, then own up to it. It’s not like job seekers aren’t going to ask as soon as possible. We are also wise to the old “the salary will be commensurate with the candidate’s experience.” That’s just double-talk for trying to get the cheapest body in the job. Good luck with that. No wonder corporate America has turned into a revolving door for employees.

I sign off as disgusted and I know for sure that the American Dream is long dead.


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